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Death becomes her: being suicidal when you’re afraid of dying.

Today I’m going to write about death. No, no, don’t go! I know it’s a tough subject and I can’t deny that this post isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. Unfortunately death is kind of the foundation upon which my … Continue reading

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Scumbag Brain

Dear Brain, I think it’s time that you and I had a little chat about how you’re performing in your duties. I understand that things have been a bit tricky recently, what with the stress of moving and finding a … Continue reading

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The non-adventures of Anxiety Girl! Episode one –Hotel Terrorist

Moving is stressful.  In the past two weeks I have been living in three different hotels, had two near nuclear emotional melt-downs and one evil satan-spawn of a cold which has enjoyed a tour of the temperate regions of my … Continue reading

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