Moonwalk Challenge

Oh good god. There, I’ve made a page for it, it’s now official!

The Moonwalk is an event organised by Walk the Walk where participants walk a marathon or a half marathon to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. In their bras. No tops or cover ups. Just a bra.

Soooo, for this challenge I am going to attempt to complete the marathon length Edinburgh 2014 Moonwalk.  This is going to be an epic battle against years of low self esteem and, more recently, social anxiety that sometimes stops me from even leaving the house. However, I’ve really positive that I can get started and make a change to myself whilst raising money for a good cause at the same time!

This gives me about a year to get in shape and get confident. I will make regular posts about how I’m preparing and how I’m developing both physically and mentally.

I was inspired to do this challenge after watching the Llandudno Triathlon on a day trip. God knows I’ll NEVER be fit enough to do a triathlon, but seeing so many people being so active and happy made me think I should find something that would suit me a bit better.

Blog posts:-

Right, this is actually happening. I can’t worm my way out of it and there’s no going back now…


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